San Fernando originally was known as “Leoquina or Pacaybamba”. The chronicles of Spanish historians indicate that in the Busa lake the birth of the un Canaries culture arose.The legends say that in the depths of the lake there are great treasures hidden such as gold, silver and other valuable objects made of the Spondylus shell.

This construction project starts in the year 2015, and after several years of hard work opens its doors to the public on August 10, 2019. With the main objective to offer quality service and comfort to its guests in addition to be part of the economic development of the canton the San Fernando.

The word “INTIHUATANA” has a: historical identity, cultural, spiritual and astronomical meaning. According to our ancestors in the Luni -solar calendar the year was divided into 13 months, each month of 28 days. On June 21, it’s when the summer solstice (Inti Raymi) is celebrated. The Canaries sages said that it was the only day where there is no shadow and it is the longest day of the year. They called this event the Intihuatana which in Quechua means: Inti= Sun and Huatana= tie, which is described as the “tie of the sun”. The strategic location of the Inn allows you to enjoy the radiant rays of the sun from sunrise to sunset, making its presence mystical next to the sacred waters of the: Busa lake and the majestic San Pablo hill.